Rappahannock Construction Company, Inc.  


Estimating — We provide estimating services for clients in their use for budget numbers and financing. Our estimators can usually turn an estimate around in a week or two depending on the complexity.

Value Engineering — All clients are interested in reducing costs. We utilize our years of experience to value engineer every project to reduce costs to our clients.

Design-Build — RCCI in association with many local and regional engineering firms can perform a "design-build" option that significantly reduces the time a project takes to build from start to finish. Many tasks can be completed simultaneously compressing the construction schedule.

Development Services — RCCI has staff who can aid a client in obtaining the necessary permits and bonds in order to get a project started.

Construction Management — Our team of Project Managers and Project Engineers provide construction management services in order to make a project run smooth. Their years of experience and rapport with governmental inspectors goes a long way to making our client's experience feel easy.

Clearing and Grubbing — Our Clearing crew utilizes the newest in forestry machinery to harvest and recycle as much of the clearing debris as possible, so that everything doesn't go up in smoke. We install all erosion and sediment controls and have several Certified Land Disturbers on staff.

Rough Grading — Our Rough Grading operation has several Caterpillar Scrapers and Dozers and has the ability to move in excess of 10,000 cubic yards of dirt each day. This operation has been known to run 24 hours around the clock to beat aggressive deadlines for clients.

Utilities — Whether it is 2" Electric Conduit or a double 10'x10' Box Culvert, our pipe crews have done it all. Our pipe crews pride themselves on their productivity and quality. There has been no pipe job that they haven't accomplished

Fine Grading and Roadwork — RCCI's fine grade crews are the artists of the company. These crews put the finishing touches on a project and their work is really what the client and public see at the end of a project.

Concrete Curb & Flatwork — RCCI self-performs its own concrete work. This gives us the ability to be flexible in our schedule and not rely on our subcontractors' schedules.

Trucking — RCCI has an entire fleet of dump trucks, lowboys, and flatbeds running the roads everyday. This aids in RCCI controlling delivery schedules.

Seeding — RCCI has complete seeding capabilities including the ability to mulch large round bales of straw and hay. The seed mix is altered during every season to ensure a quick green stand of grass to stabilize a site.

Bond Release — RCCI offers a full range of Bond Release services that help developers get off their performance bonds with both the counties and VDOT.